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23 January 2018

Working Paper No.4 - South Sudan: The Economic and Social Impact of Violence Against Women and Girls (VAWG)

Additional Info

  • VAWG themes: VAWG & Social Norms
  • Country: South Sudan
  • Author: Ballantine, C., Elmusharraf, K., Scriver, S., and Duvvury, N.
  • Date of publication: December, 2017

Authors: Ballantine, C., Fenny, A., Asante, F. and Duvvury, N.1

South Sudan is a country devastated by war. Since the end of colonial rule, there have been few years when the country has not been affected by conflict. Against this backdrop, the population has largely held to traditional values and close family ties. The world’s newest independent country, it is dominated by strong traditions and low levels of Western-style development. South Sudan shares land borders with 6 countries, making its stability a concern across the Horn of Africa (Frontier Economics et al. 2015). Even as war and conflict persist, so too does daily life, although the social and economic life of the country have been profoundly eroded by constant conflicts. The basis of South Sudan’s development has been, and will remain, its population. The wellbeing and status of women is a fundamental part of this.

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