• What works to prevent violence against women and girls in conflict and humanitarian crisis

    Violence against women and girls (VAWG) is an important human rights concern and a pervasive issue affecting women and girls during times of conflict and
  • SAVE THE DATE- Join us for a lunchtime event at the SVRI

    Prevention is Possible: What Works?
    Join us to hear about the new findings and evidence
    from impact evaluations across Africa, Asia and the Middle East.

  • Cash Transfers in Raqqa Governorate, Syria

    Changes Over Time in Women’s Experiences of Violence & Wellbeing
  • UK aid project helps cut violence against women by more than half in Democratic Republic of Congo

    A project working to challenge the social acceptance of violence against women and girls (VAWG) in the DRC saw women’s experience of domestic violence...
  • Reducing violence in informal settlements in South Africa

    Watch our latest video showcasing the latest evidence from Stepping Stones and Creating Futures, which has seen a reduction in…
  • “Now I feel safe”:
    UK funded project reduces domestic violence by 50 per cent in rural Ghana

    “Don’t speak to me like that,” a man shouts at his wife, throwing a barrage of accusations...
  • Ending violence in Pakistan starts in the playground

    Pakistan is rated 148 of 149 countries for gender equality — can play change that?
  • Peace lessons transform war-torn schools and communities in Afghanistan

    Violence between pupils fell by half and more girls attended school thanks to a new curriculum
  • Are women’s experiences of emotional and economic intimate partner violence associated with HIV-risk behaviour?

    A cross-sectional analysis of young women in informal settlements in South Africa
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