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Global research advisory group

A Global Research Advisory Group (GRAG) was established to bring a broad and expert oversight to Component 2’s research portfolio. Composed of renowned researchers, practitioners and policy makers in the area of violence against women and girls in conflict and humanitarian emergencies, our GRAG members provide expert review on the design and implementation of our six studies as well as analysis and dissemination of findings.

Our current GRAG members are:

Dr Claudia Garcia-Moreno: specialist on gender-based violence (Department of Reproductive Health and Research, WHO)

Dr Jennifer Leaning: expert in public health and rights-based responses to humanitarian crises (Director of the Harvard François-Xavier Bagnoud Center for Health and Human Rights at Harvard University)

Ms Judy El-Bushra: independent consultant specialising on issues of gender, conflict and peacebuilding

Ms Mendy Marsh: Specialist on GBV in Emergencies, UNICEF