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01 August 2018

Community Activism With Couples Engaged in Intimate Partner Violence Prevention Programme – Lessons Learned From Indashyikrwa in Rwanda

Additional Info

  • VAWG themes: VAWG & Economic Empowerment, VAWG & Social Norms
  • Country: Rwanda
  • Author: Erin Stern, Lori Heise and Lyndsay Mclean
  • Date of publication: August 2018

The Indashyikirwa programme in Rwanda was funded by the UK department for International Development, with the aim of preventing and reducing intimate partner violence. It was implemented over four years (2014-2018) by CARE Rwanda International, Rwanda Men’s Resource Centre, and Rwanda Women’s Network, in rural Rwanda. One of the components of the programme included training couples as community activists (CAs), with the view to diffusing the benefits of the programme to a larger audience.

This practice belief highlights the impact of training of 840 couples as CAs, which include them feeling better equipped to respond to IPV, greater community awareness of IPV and greater community support for women’s empowerment and more gender equitable division of household labour. Recommendations consist of training more couples as CAs, adapting the community activism component to the specific country and context in which it is being applied, and ensuring proper linkage between the community activism component and other parts of the Indashyikirwa programme, e.g. engagement with opinion leaders.

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