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“Over the past 10-15 years, interventions focused on male engagement to end violence against women have proliferated around the world. Many donors these days are interested in programmes that are working with boys and men. But does it work? Is it the magic bullet to this global problem? Or is it a step backwards?” Access the full article.
Five papers cover the evidence base for interventions, discuss the vital role of the health sector in care and prevention, show the need for men and women to be involved in effective programmes, provide practical lessons from experience in countries, and present a call for action with five key recommendations and indicators to track progress. Access articles here.
The Huffington Post – It IS #TimeToAct But What Do We Do? “The key here is prevention, that is, addressing the underlying root causes to stop violence happening in the first place. This includes addressing dominant ideas of what it means to be a man, stopping the cycle of violence where experiences of child abuse lead to violence in adult…
“Currently, there are a lot of gaps in the evidence and data on what the common drivers of behaviour are leading to violence not least because of the sensitive nature of the research and data collection. We need to gather robust evidence that helps us develop effective interventions which deliver large scale results.” Access the full article.
“As highlighted by Rachel Jewkes in a compelling Art of Medicine piece, researching warzone violence is extremely challenging. And the difficulties of preventing and responding to it are compounded by little evidence on the effectiveness of interventions. Therefore, it is encouraging that the UK's Department of International Development will launch a multimillion pound “What works” research programme at the summit…
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