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Prevention of Violence Against Women and Girls

Project Title

Prevention of Violence Against Women and Girls

The Organisation

Help the Afghan Children - HTAC

Geographic Location

HTAC is working in Afghanistan, Jawzjan Province in four districts (Sheberghan, KhujaDoko, Aqcha and Faiz Abad)

Summary of Intervention / Research

Help the Afghan Children (HTAC) is implementing a peace and civic education programme that works with girls, women, boys, male leaders and families to promote understanding of women’s rights, and build healthy relationship skills based on peaceful conflict resolution.

It’s schools-based programme is educating middle school and high school girls (1500) and boys (2000) how to reject violence and embrace peaceful living with an emphasis on tolerance and respect for girls and women.

HTAC is also engaging 150 male community and religious leaders and providing them with the information and tools to act as positive role models. They are learning peace-building principles as the preferable way to resolve conflicts and disputes, how Islam supports the rights and protections of women and girls, and how the involvement of women in community affairs facilitates safer and more secure and prosperous communities.

And finally the program is also working with 3,500 community members by involving organisations from government and civil life in the implementation of the project, and provide training to respected community elders, so they can work directly with families on healthy relationship skills.

The programme is supported by a dedicated communications strategy, which will include the production of radio drama episodes on the issues as well as round table discussions which will include religious scholars and CSO members to discuss the rights of women in Islam and human rights declarations.

HTAC is conducting research during the project, including baseline, midline and end line surveys through an independent research company called Afghanistan Holding Group. The aim of the research is to evaluate HTAC’s peace education program in schools in Afghanistan and explore what works in countering violence and promoting peaceful living.

Study Objectives:

1. To determine whether children attending schools with the HTAC intervention reduce their reports of victimization and perpetration of violence and inequitable gender attitudes, and increase their mental wellbeing over two years of the programme

2. To determine whether teachers who are trained in the HTAC intervention and who teach it improve their life satisfaction, work satisfaction, gender attitudes, classroom management and use of corporal punishment, sense of hope, and whether post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) amongst teachers influences their response to the intervention.

This is the first programme of its kind in Afghanistan to take such a multi-pronged approach that works with multiple population groups, individuals and communities all at the same time, to drive a shift in attitudes and practices towards women. The project is also unique for Afghanistan for its focus on working with young men and male leaders. While the Afghanistan Government has enacted and supported a range of laws and initiatives to establish women’s legal rights, men continue to use violence. It is hoped that by working to gain the support of influential male leaders, and encourage particularly young men to adopt better conflict resolution skills, the project will encourage wider shifts.

Major Timeframes

April 2016 - Baseline

November 2016 (7 months) - Midline 

November 2017 - Endline

Key Contacts

Mohammad Osman Hemat, Executive Director, HTAC

Email: osman.htac@gmail.com

Abdul Wahid Siddiq, Project Manager, HTAC

Email: siddiq.htac@gmail.com


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